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Explicet version 2.10.5 released 7-21-14! For a list of new features, click here: New Features

/!\ Explicet version 2.10.5 is the final version of Explicet that will support 32 bit Windows (including Windows XP) and Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Welcome to Explicet

Explicet is from the Latin: explain, unfold, extend, set forth, exhibit, disentangle

Explicet Overview

Explicet is a free to use, open source software package (GPLv3) available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that facilitates the exploration and visualization of taxonomy-based microbiome datasets (a.k.a. OTU tables).

Explicet makes it easy to combine the metadata of a microbiome dataset with the taxonomic classifications of sequence data that are generated by 16S (SSU rRNA) pipelines (such as Qiime or Mothur) or by any taxonomy based tool such as RDP Classifier, ARB, or SINA.

With Explicet, it is easy to select specific samples from large datasets based on metadata criteria, such as barcode (a.k.a. Illumina index), city name, or pH value and then create graphics (pie charts, bar charts, or heatmaps). Explicet also performs statistical analyses on the data selected, such as Two-Part (which provides p-values), Morisita-Horn/Bray-Curtis/ThetaYC (classic beta diversity sample metrics), or any of the many classic alpha diversity metrics such as Shannon or Chao1: rendering the results as Manhattan plots, heatmaps, or rarefacted collector's curves.

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To get started with Explicet, it is recommended that you start with the Explicet tutorial: Getting Started with Explicet

The Details

Comprehensive documentation is available in the Explicet handbook: Explicet Documentation

The Explicet Program

The Explicet software is available (free, open source GPLv3) on the downloads page: Explicet Downloads

Questions and Answers

The authors of Explicet will be happy to address any questions via the Explicet Forum: Explicet Forum

Repeat Questions

Oft mentioned issues are addressed on the Frequently Asked Questions page: FAQ

New Features? Upcoming Releases?

Learn about the items in our software development pipeline by visiting our Coming Soon page.

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