Comprehensive User Guide: Projects

Projects differentiate between various datasets (e.g., different studies) or between different versions of the data (e.g., different methods of assigning OTU names). Projects provide an organizing mechanism for user’s data: both the OTU data and associated metadata. Each project is a single data file. The name of the current project is displayed in the upper left corner of the main window. Users may choose to use the data management capabilities of Explicet, which are shown in Figure 2 (page 9). As shown in the figure, projects may contain one or more workspaces. Workspaces are generally made up of subsets of the data contained in the full project and are wholly contained within the project. Projects and workspaces contain figures, which are tabular and/or graphical representations of data (e.g., a graph of species observed, Sobs, for the data in a project or workspace). All figures created within a project and its workspaces are globally available from the project or any workspace created within that project.

A. New Project

B. Copy of Project

C. Open Existing Project

D. Name or Rename Project

E. Save Project

F. Close Project

G. Project Settings

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